• We are always curious and try new things

    Why are we trying new things? Because we are a Samurai who lives in the present age with nobility, pride, politeness, and always learning attitude. The Samurai has a very pure heart, always training his mind and body, honing his Samurai sword, and betting his life on his lord. The lord of the modern Samurai is the customer, the society itself. We will continue to evolve by building safe and high-quality systems that match the times and providing excellent engineering services to our customers.

  • We solve clients problems with solid technology

    Samurai's work is very polite. How can we be better today than yesterday? Samurai is ambitious and thoroughly refines the basics by repeating the training every day, and continues to study the application enthusiastically. The important point to solve the problem is to firmly see the essence.We have high skills and a lot of experience to accelerate our clients' business.

  • We will be the company most trusted by our clients

    The way of the Samurai has virtues that value correctness and honesty. Samurai hate injustice and always correct and maintain ourself discipline.This also leads to the idea of ​​modern compliance.We value correctness and integrity in order to build long-term relationships with our clients.It is this idea that gives our clients significant value and allows them to grow sustainably with them.


Web App Development

In an ever-evolving world, digital tools are essential to maximize your clients business.We provide safe and optimal web applications for various industries.Our clients can always get the best results with our excellent expertise and experience, advanced technology.

SAP Add-on Development

We customize SAP R/3, S/4HANA, an excellent ERP system to drive the transformation of today's business, to meet the business needs of our customers. The SAP R/3 that has already been introduced and operated will be smoothly migrated to S/4HANA to maintain a comfortable ERP system at all times.

IBM i, AS/400 Development

IBM i, AS/400 is an extremely reliable platform that delivers high performance while maintaining high availability from IBM. The IBM i continues to evolve over time and is the perfect operating environment for your customers' critical line-of-business applications. We have engineers with excellent knowledge and experience from many years of experience to help our customers further innovate.

AWS Managed Service

Do you have challenges in maintaining and maintaining your system running in your daily on-premises environment? We can help you migrate your systems running in your on-premises environment to the comfortable AWS cloud. We constantly monitor the cloud environment and provide operational support for stable system operation to solve your problems.

System Engineering Services

Does your team need a good and experienced engineers?
We are leading software development company with a lot of experience in various industries.
We have many excellent engineers who accurately analyze, design, and develop client requirements. We can supply our engineers to your team and contribute to the success of the project.

Software Maintenance & Operations Supports

We have built a lot of software and have maintained and supported a lot of software.
We improve your software on a daily basis and keep it safe so you can carry out your day-to-day operations with peace of mind. We can help you to focus on your work.



It's one of the industries that we are good at. We import/export, warehouse management, consolidated loading, delivery, EDI cooperation between logistics companies, etc. We support the smooth business of the logistics industry.


We've deployed production, purchasing, parts, and sales management software solutions for long time.Our wealth of experience brings great added value to manufacturing companies.


We provide safe and high-quality solutions in various fields such as banking, online securities, insurance, and investment funds.


Today's challenges in the food trading business are diverse. Among them, we pay attention to logistics costs and contribute to cost reduction by visualizing and forecasting transportation costs and storage costs..


We support development teams through a variety of e-commerce software to enable consumers to shop online safely and comfortably.


We support accounting systems in the logistics industry, manufacturing industry, and various industries.Designed by engineers with abundant accounting knowledge, we will build a correct accounting system that complies with laws and regulations.


We'll improve the core government system for use by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and the Ministry of Finance in Japan.We take orders in the right process and maintain a safe and high quality system for the nation.


We development rental management and sales management systems for real estate agents. We customize existing packaged software for our customers and provide the best solution for their business.


We support system development for consumers, such as building a highway bus seat reservation system at a railway company and a point system that can be used at group companies.









We will be a company that will be loved by society 100 years in the future.

In order for us to grow and develop in the long term, we believe that we must develop excellent human resources and gain the trust of our clients by providing optimal solutions.From our founding to the present day, we have learned from our clients and grown together with them through IT solution services.What we always keep in mind is to provide services that are close to people's hearts.We will continue to be a company where everyone can work with passion and pride, and we promise to provide flexible, don't be afraid to change, technology and solutions that are timely.AS we move forward into the future together, you need to know that each client and our employees is an important component in our success. We are continually looking for new and creative ways to deliver on our promises - building on our foundation of trust with each interaction.

Chiharu Hanashima
President and Chief Executive Officer



Company name Plus Co., Ltd.
President & CEO Chiharu Hanashima
Established March 1, 2004
Capital 10,000,000 JPY
Number of Employees 60
Location 6F Nippo Hatchobori-Bldg. 2-19-8 Hatchobori Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0032 Japan
TEL +81-3-5542-7817
FAX +81-3-3352-8265
License license license license
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